Having been born and raised in southern California my attachment to our local teams is strong. I love my Angels, Clippers, Trojans and LA kings. My allegiance to either of our new NFL teams (Chargers and Rams) is currently for sale to the highest bidder. My fandom is unique compared to most SoCal fans as I have my interests split between both Orange County and LA teams.

In my childhood home, the discussion of sports was usually second to music, movies, and politics. However, it was not totally absent. In a sort of reversal of typical parent-children roles, it was I that introduced sports into the lives of my parents. Ironically, it was through the dominance of the Chicago Bulls and the chemistry of the New York Yankees that caught our attention. It was the 90s after all.

But, as the years passed we began to shift our loyalties closer to home and before I left to college my parents and I were die hard fans of SoCal sports. Thankfully, the discussion of politics and entertainment didn’t subside in lieu of sports.

Rather, the intersection of politics and sports made the discussions that much livelier and my passions and my opinions grew. All the more reason I am thankful for my West Coast Bias friends who for some reason tolerate rants and ravings.

It is almost impossible to characterize the fanbase of southern California. The LA, Orange County and San Diego region is among the most diverse in the nation and the way our fans interact with our teams is equally as diverse.

If I am to be fair, I must admit that as a Clipper and Angel fan I am in the minority as most Angelenos root for the Lakers and Dodgers. But, that does not curb my enthusiasm as I wear my underdog badge proudly. Thanks to a close friend who has season tickets I am blessed with the opportunity to go to many Clipper and Angel games.


Though I am dedicated to the Angels through and through, my first sports memory actually takes place at Dodger Stadium. I was a member of a local children’s gymnastics group and we were invited to perform our routine on the field before a game.

As I walked on to the field I was able to feel the grass and see the stadium from the perspective of the players. The field was so majestic and massive to my young eyes. I have been in love with baseball stadiums ever since. They are cathedrals to me. I feel at home amongst the crowds no matter the team and I cherish the history and charm each field has to offer.

All that being said, the Dodgers have not won a world series since I touched their grass. I am sure that I have cursed them for good. Go Angels!

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If I am to self-characterize as an underdog when it comes to my baseball and basketball fandoms, I feel the opposite when it comes to Hockey and college sports. Though less so lately, my Trojans have been dominant in college football for most of my life and they are on the rise in basketball.

I actually started out as a UCLA fan when I was younger. However, after I ended up going to USC for graduate school I drank the kool-aide hard and have been a diehard Trojan ever since.

When it comes to hockey, even though I am a devoted Kings fan, I am on a lifelong crusade to convert people I meet into Hockey fans regardless of who they end up rooting for. Hopefully, you will be my next convert.

Favorite Sports Memory

I have seen my Clippers beat up the Lakers on Christmas Day; I have seen my Kings win two Stanley Cup Championships in 3 years; I witnessed my Trojans destroy Notre Dame and UCLA in several college sports; and I was privileged to watch LaDanian Tomlinson tear up the gridiron. But, all that pales in comparison to when the Angels won the 2002 World Series. I have a strong affection for that team. 

So many of my childhood heroes played on that team. They were an underdog wildcard team and they managed to topple one of baseball’s greatest villains, Barry Bonds. (Jeff Kent can go kick rocks too for all I care while we are on the subject.) 

I wasn’t able to watch any of the games in person, but I did watch them all live with family and church friends. When they won it all in game 7, I was elated and thankful to share the memory with friends and family.

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