Born and raised in Washington, short move to Oregon, longer move to California (where I ping ponged between Northern and Southern), before ultimately moving back to Seattle. For me, it’s Seattle sports till I die, but became a die-easy Lakers and die-hard USC Trojan fan along the way.

When I am not watching/talking/listening/breathing sports, I can be seen teaching Special Needs students…where occasional lessons about the sacrifice fly might sneak in to unit plans.

My love for sports has been a chronic obsession for as long as I can remember. Growing up, I hated staying inside the house, and had to go outside as frequently as possible to play any sport that was considered in season at the time (occasionally badgering my sister to play along with me). Once the sun was down, I’d transition to dunking on my indoor Nerf hoop, or watching back-to-back showings of Sports Center.

For college, I found myself at Azusa Pacific University, located about 20 miles east of LA. I found myself living and dying with the Reggie Bush/Matt Leinart led USC Trojan football team (completely intentional), and eventually the Kobe Bryant-led Los Angeles Lakers (completely unintentional). My sports world was significantly expanded through several moves since then, whether it has been following LA teams more closely, to developing respect for teams/markets like the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco Giants, and Sacramento Kings.

No one had a greater impact on my sports development than my dad. With him being a basketball coach throughout my entire life (who has also coached baseball and soccer along the way), it was through our connection to sports that I was able to learn some of life’s most valuable lessons. Some of my fondest memories will always be talking baseball with him while watching the M’s play at the Kingdom or the Safeco Field.


I was extremely blessed to grow up a Seattle resident in the era of alley-oop dunks from the Reign Man off lobs from The Glove, The Big Unit mowing down batters, and Junior touching all 4 bases after a moon-shot.

What I remember most though were trips to the Kingdome with my dad to watch the 90’s M’s find new ways to disappoint and/or up-lift my emotional well-being.

Lowest Sports Moment aka. “God, have mercy on us”

Do I really even need to say it?


Please don’t make me.

Fine. (Why didn’t we just give the ball to Beast Mode?????)


Surprisingly, the Malcolm Butler interception is actually tied with another infamous Seattle sports moment. Rest In Peace, Seattle SuperSonics (I hope to one day have a deep dive into what actually went down with this entire story on our pod…I’ll be the one talking through tears).


Best sports memory

February 2nd, 2014. New York City. Super Bowl XVIII. The favored Denver Broncos, and their unstoppable offense led by Peyton Manning, were going to trounce the upstart Seattle Seahawks by 4 touchdowns. What happened next was almost the opposite in every way imaginable, from coin-flip to final whistle. 

43-8 Hawks, for what was my first Seattle sports championship. I celebrated in the most Seattle-way possible…blocking traffic on 1st Avenue (at the Washington intersection) with 10,000 of my closest friends in a tame yet still ecstatic “riot”.

Close 2nd favorite moment- Seattle Sounders winning the 2016 MLS championship.

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